Friday, May 18, 2012

Made with LOVE

We have a close relative who was diagnosed with cancer late last year, and when we first heard the news I couldn't think of anything else but him and how he must feel. About that time I also attended the International Quilt Show in Houston, TX and that is where I saw this pre-printed  "What Cancer Cannot Do" panel and knew I had to buy it and make him a quilt. My wonderful sister said "Come look through my stash, I'm sure we can find the perfect fabric for it!" So I did, and I have to say she (my sister) is so good at picking out fabrics (not my forte), and it turned out just beautifully!
The quilting was done (see photo above) by my sister as well using her longarm quilting machine - she is SO talented! The pattern she used to quilt it with was called Ribbon Hearts (how appropriate was that?)You can see her work here at . I was excited to get it completed so I could present it to him and his wife while he was going through chemotherapy. They were both very surpised and while I encouraged them to USE it because that it what it was made for, I don't think that will ever happen. I thought I'd share it with you all so you could see how it turned out!
These panels can be purchased at  This is a GREAT website! They have pre-printed panels for everything! They even have free quilt patterns on their website to use with their printed panels.